Get a glimpse of a Job Seeker's personality

It's often the case that personality is equally, if not more, important than all your qualifications. That's why EmployMe gives you the chance to meet potential employees via their video resumes.

If you don’t find who you are looking for in our data base, place a free job ad with us and reach 1000’s of Job seekers Australia wide. It is a reverse to traditional job boards, receive matching job seeker profiles with photos, video straight to your inbox. And only pay when you have decided who you want to talk to and employ.

Search a database of 1000s of REAL Job Seekers for free

Every profile on EmployMe is a real Job Seeker actively looking for employment. You can save time by refining your search down to a specific job title.

Create your own database of connections

Once you've selected your candidates from their profiles, you can use your EmployMe credits to get their full contact details, which you will always keep. You can build up your own database for future use. Pay once and contact them forever.

Shortlist candidates and easily compare them

Making a shortlist couldn't be easier. Simply click on the link in the profile and it will be added to your personal shortlist. You can compile a full shortlist before you pay a thing.

Get your team's input

You can allow your team controlled access to your EmployMe account. They can contribute to shortlists by adding Job Seekers or create their own shortlists. You control who can do what by assigning different privileges to different people - it's simple.

Contact Job Seekers directly

When you use a credit to get contact details of an active job-seeker, you contact them directly. The phone and email details are yours to add to your database for future use if necessary. It saves time and gives you valuable one-on-one contact with a potential employee.